About Us

SAGE Ocean is an initiative from SAGE Publishing to help social scientists navigate vast data sets and work with new technologies. Our hope is that our work will help to make it easier for social researchers to work with big data and new technology in order to advance our understanding of the world. 

On this site, you’ll find a range of resources, including links to our relevant book and journal publishing, SAGE Campus online data science courses, the SAGE Research Methods big data collection, a list of recommended research tools and loads of resources if you’re just getting to grips with computational methods.

The Incubator

In addition to our traditional publishing outputs, SAGE Ocean also has a dedicated incubation team, who are focused on developing resources and practical tools to serve a new era of social science research. The new products emerging from the incubator will support social scientists to develop new computational social science skills, and to access and work with data at scale. 

As well as developing new products in-house, the team also invest in nascent product ideas, software and applications that support social researchers to work with big data. 

Read more about our investments here.


We hold regular, free events that bring together people from different sectors and disciplines to share knowledge and work towards common goals. These include the annual Social Science Foo Camp (in collaboration with O’Reilly Media and Facebook), our Speaker Series, and a range of other panels, meet-ups and conferences.

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Our blog and newsletter provide regular notifications of upcoming events, as well as updates on the latest news from the world of computational social science and big data research.

Our community engagement team works closely with leading social scientists to showcase new methods innovations and provide insight into the latest research.

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