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Welcome to a special diversity edition of our newsletter

We’ve partnered with Researc/hers Code to bring an awesome panel together to discuss gender equality in social data science. You won’t want to miss this one, find out more and register today!

Quick reads
Icon It’s time to address the lack of gender diversity in the research tools landscape
Icon Can academic research be a force for good?
Icon Tech ethics curricula: A collection of syllabi
Icon Top 10 recommended resources for women in academia
Long reads
Icon Gender diversity in AI research, report from Nesta
Icon Data science of the social by Anissa Tanweer
Icon Discriminating systems: gender, race, and power in AI by AI Now Institute.

On our radar

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A community of coders

Researc/hers Code is an international community supporting cis and trans women and non-binary working in technology, academia and research. Their mission is to showcase diverse talent (through their podcast and social media) as well as educating and inspiring early-career researchers going into technology.

Vary CSS

Vary CSS promote underrepresented groups in computational social science. They maintain a database of speakers to diversify CSS panels and conferences and a list of groups and workshops that welcome newcomers.

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Myopia Image

Project Myopia

Project Myopia is revolutionizing university curricula through crowdsourcing. Help them make academia a little less pale, male and stale!

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Podcast: Mahzarin Banaji on implicit bias

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Studying the everyday sexism project using topic modeling

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Get involved

Partnership on AI is bringing together diverse perspectives to improve development of ML

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