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ESRC Festival R Webinar

What skills will the future social
scientist need?
As part of the ESRC’s 2018 Festival of Science, we hosted a panel discussion on the future of computational social science and the skills social scientists will need.

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Watch our free R webinar with
Dr. Maja Založnik

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. Maja Založnik introduces the wonderful world of R and the benefits of its statistical techniques and visualizations in social science research.

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Recommended resources
Logged out: Ownership, exclusion and public value in the digital data and information commons IF ... THEN: Algorithmic power and politics Media, Culture & Society

Logged out: Ownership, exclusion and public value in the digital data and information commons

Book Review
IF ... THEN: Algorithmic power and politics

How algorithms see their audience: media epistemes and the changing conception of the individual


What's new?

  Announcing the release of Volunteer Science, a platform for conducting online studies.

A collaboration among scientists from leading research universities, Volunteer Science aims to expand the tools available for social and behavioral research. Volunteer Science provides a variety of study templates from economics, psychology, group decision-making, and political science as well as an API to make complex tools like chat, gamification, and social media data easy to use. Researchers can deploy these studies in their lab, tap into our subject pools, or recruit from online paid pools like Mechanical Turk and Prolific. New users can sign up to a six month free trial including unlimited studies and unlimited subjects.

Emerging tech


Workbench is a web-based tool that allows you to create and share reproducible data workflows without code.


INJECT is a digital creativity tool for journalists enabling creative sparks with AI-based search algorithms.
Explore more tools in the SAGE Ocean Research Tools Directory.

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