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Research Design in Social Data Science

SAGE Campus are launching a new online course on Research Design in Social Data Science this July. Enroll today if you're a social scientist looking to gain an understanding of the emerging field of social data science as a big data-driven approach to social science research.

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Integrating Survey Data and Digital Trace Data: Key Issues in Developing an Emerging Field


Case Study

Using Social Network Analysis to Study Twitter Data in the Field of International Agreements



Researching Brexit Tweets Using Quanteda Software

What's new?

Interactive Data Science Workshop for Science, Technology and Innovation Research

International AAAI Conference Icon HackSTIR is a 5-day immersive hack week to be held at Nesta. Workshop participants will learn about new open source technologies used to analyse, link, and communicate datasets relating to science, technology and innovation research. The week will consist of interactive tutorials, facilitated data exploration, hands-on software development, and guest seminars from domain experts. Apply here

Emerging tech

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Factmata is building a system that reads and digests online news to signal validity and detect bias.

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Morressier is a platform for academics to showcase their early stage research.
Explore more tools in the SAGE Ocean Research Tools Directory.

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International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)
July, 17 - 20
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Going to ICWSM or IC2S2? We’ll be exhibiting so come and say hi.
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