Putting big data to good use

There are bigger implications when looking at data now and how to use it. Right now common criticisms of big data range from the issue of consent, issue with the way in which algorithms are perceived as scientific and objective, and who is regulating these algorithms, to ensure they aren’t biased. "But... big data and mathematical models aren’t inherently bad... it depends on the way it’s used, by whom, and in service of what outcomes. For most of us, the issue is around who we trust with our data and what outcomes the use of our data brings about."

Against backdrop of media stories warning us about big data and its dangers, SAGE Publishing hosted a panel debate as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science panel entitled  “Putting big data to good use” at the British Academy in London where Katie Metzler hosted a discussion with 4 other panelists where they talk about the benefits and uses data can have while also outlining barriers that will come and have appeared and how to overcome them. 

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This blog post was written by Philip Patino employee at SAGE Publishing under PR Conventions and Social Science Department. As a SAGE employee he helps manage and edits the SAGE hosted sites MethodSpace and Social Science Space.