Invigorating interdisciplinary social research

In this answer to a 2016 Edge question, Ziyad Marar, president of global publishing at SAGE Publishing, addresses the lack interdisciplinary social research, something he attributes in part to social research not adapting to the changing social landscape. He points to structural change that follow certain models of innovation. Many have looked forward to investing in social science infrastructure are looking new models to combine and merge efforts more effectively via multi-disciplinary research centers and collaborative teams.

"In terms of sheer unfulfilled promise, interdisciplinary research has to stand as one of the most frustrating examples in the world of social research," he writes. "The reasons this promise lies unfulfilled are equally clear... And this means interdisciplinary work is hard to do well, often falling between stools and sometimes lost in arcane debates... This isn’t equally true for all disciplines. Some have overcome these hurdles for years... recently we have seen economics taking a behavioral turn while moral philosophy has drawn increasingly on experimental psychology. However, the bulk of the social sciences have proved peculiarly resistant."

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