Gary King: Do we need a big data treaty?

Political Scientist Gary King for years has been advocating to academe for the restructuring of social science that would make the discipline more collaborative, interdisciplinary, and with lab-style research. King is now taking the argument to government and businesses, all who kings says, "would be way better off." However in order achieve this cohesion it would require a modus vivendi (an agreement between conflicting parties) which as of now doesn't exists. 

King says, "companies could gain access to the data from government and from their own activities without fear... Researchers, too, want access to that commercial and governmental data." If that data were routinely available "we would all live longer, healthier, happier lives and most of the issues that members of Congress care about are actually the issues that social scientists want to study."

Gary King is a political scientist and director of the Institue for Quantitaitve Social Science at Harvard University. The full article with video can be found on Social Science Space Under "Watch Gary King: Do We Need a Big Data Treaty?"

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