What aspiring data scientists are looking for in hiring companies

Kayla Matthews gives pointers on ways that companies, looking for data scientists, could stand out in this demanding market for data engineers. 

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  • Interest and Excitement

Data is an interesting field no matter which way you view data. Whether its a goldmine of possibility or a landmine waiting to explode, the frenzy has sent the world in a direction that is relying on this information. Data scientist realize and understand this weight that it hold and often seek more than just a job.

"Scientists who can create flexible daily schedules, or those who are allowed to work remotely... (or) those who are given the freedom to pursue their own research and directives are often more than willing to put in overtime."

  • Team-Based Operations

Today generation of workers see the benefits of group and collaborative work that they are requiring it be more of requirement. Even in academia, sciences acknowledge the benefit nature of collaborating and are making it more of a point to steer sciences in that direction.

"Our modern workforce is all about teamwork. With a greater willingness to work with their peers than ever before... Depending on the size and scope of your data research initiatives, it might be too much for one IT expert to handle. In that case, building a dedicated team of data scientists is crucial to ensure timely progress and to produce quantifiable results."

  • Startups with Potential

Data and social marketing and media are making it easier for new companies to rise fast and compete in today’s market. This leaves a lot of room for potential and investment in new business that data scientist are willing to step into. 

"Even the smallest startup companies and entrepreneurial ventures now rely on big data to execute their business models, locate specific demographics and ensure long-term success. Businesses leave almost nothing to chance anymore, and much of this transition is tied directly to the big data boom."

  • Fulfilling a New, but Valuable Service

The potential that data has leaves many with ambition and optimism for new possibilities when it comes to interpreting data. However they recognize that data is still in is early stages and times for BIG ideas may have to wait.

"Although the big data boom is still in its earliest stages of development, experts agree it has the potential to transform the way we do business from this point forward... It takes a sharp mind, extensive knowledge and the ability to translate stats and figures into meaningful, relatable reports." - Kayla Matthews - has been writing about smart tech, big data and AI for five years with her work featured on multiple platforms, including VICE. This post originally appeared on her blog under the same title located HERE

This blog post was written by Philip Patino employee at SAGE Publishing under PR Conventions and Social Science Department. As a SAGE employee he helps manage and edits the SAGE hosted sites MethodSpace and Social Science Space.