Final results in NYU’s rich context competition to be webcast Feb 15

By Chris Burnage, Senior Marketing Executive, SAGE Ocean


According to the Wikipedia review of September 2018: the Cleveland Browns FINALLY won a game of American Football, after almost two years; the first bullet train from Hong Kong to mainland China launched, having cost $10 billion; and researchers located the oldest known brewery, with residue of 13,000-year-old beer, in a prehistoric cave near Haifa in Israel.

13, 000 year old ancient booze aside, here at the SAGE Ocean HQ we were more excited about the launch of the Rich Text Competition by the good folks at the NYU Coleridge Initiative. Ian Mulvany, Head of Product Innovation at SAGE—and one of the judges for the competition—penned a piece for the Ocean blog about the competition, which encouraged researchers to build tools to help automate the discovery of data sets in the social sciences.

The data that is generated during research is important, but sadly it is often hard to unearth, and there are many challenges around getting the appropriate credit to go to the researchers who make data available.

Another key issue with research data is that it is often expensive to produce, and without good visibility on data as an output it can often end up unloved and can be lost over time. (If even just one research group reuses a data set, the effective utility to the research community of that data set doubles).
— Ian Mulvany, Head of Product Innovation at SAGE -

Since the first letters of intent were submitted in September 2018, participants have been hard at work testing and refining their algorithms, in preparation for the final participants and now four finalists have been chosen.

Announcement of Final Results in NYU’s Rich Context Competition to be Webcast Feb 15

The final results will be webcast on Feb 15th 2019, along with the finalists presentation. Julia Lane, one of the Directors of the Coleridge Initiative sets out the plan for the finalists and gives details on how you can take part below

We are excited to announce that the finalists for the NYU Coleridge Initiative’s Rich Context Competition have been selected. The competition challenged computer scientists to find ways of automating the discovery of research datasets, fields and methods behind social science research publications.  20 teams from 8 countries submitted letters of intent and four finalists have been chosen. They are teams from GESIS , KAIST, Paderborn University, and Allen AI. We will be live webcasting the finalists’ presentations as well as the announcement of the winner on February 15. The webcast information and registration can be found below. We invite you to participate and see their important contribution to social science.