Designing collective intelligence

Visual notes at the event

Visual notes at the event

How can we develop a new field of collective intelligence that pulls across disciplines and works between academic and practitioner domains? This was a key question addressed at the ‘Designing collective intelligence to address social needs’ event hosted by the global innovation foundation Nesta, and co-sponsored by SAGE, last year. An opportunity to to highlight some of the key challenges within collective intelligence, the day brought together researchers and practitioners to look at ways we can collaborate and push the field even further. 

Watch our series of vox pops filmed at the event, as we posed questions to attendees such as examples of collective intelligence in action and what skills are needed for designing collective intelligence.

The event concluded with a panel session chaired by Ziyad Marar, president of global publishing at SAGE, entitled ‘Collective Intelligence – the what, why, and how’, with panelists:

  • Geoff Mulgan, chief executive, Nesta

  • Carina Antonia Hallin, assistant professor, founder and director of Collective Intelligence Unit, Copenhagen Business School

  • Bradley Busetto, senior adviser of the SDG Fund, United Nations

  • David Halpern, chief executive, Behavioral Insights Team (listen to his Social Science Bites podcast HERE).

Read more about the event and watch the panel session over on Social Science Space.