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Nesta to set up new Centre for Collective Intelligence Design

Nesta confirmed they are to launch a new Centre for Collective Intelligence Design this summer. The centre will seek to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a particular focus on the combination of human and machine intelligence.

Maximizing the value of data

Joe Karaganis and Ian Mulvany discuss ways to harness data efficiently at the annual conference of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishing. Joe Karaganis describes his own directed software which data mines and analyzes millions of syllabus to answer whats taught at universities. Ian Mulvany discusses maximizing the value of data through software publishing and taking the journey from collected data to usable data. 

Joe Karaganis is the vice president of The American Assembly at Columbia University and Ian Mulvany, head of product innovation at SAGE Publishing. This post was originally posted onto a SAGE hosted website, Methodspace, under the same title

Putting big data to good use

"Big data and mathematical models aren’t inherently bad... it depends on the way it’s used, by whom, and in service of what outcomes." says Katie Metzler. Against backdrop of media stories warning us about big data and its dangers, SAGE Publishing hosted a panel debate as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science panel entitled  “Putting big data to good use” at the British Academy in London where Katie Metzler leads the discussion.

Publishing innovations in the age of big data

Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing SAGE, delivers his keynote at London Info International. 5th December 2017.


The publishing industry and the research community have co-evolved through many changes over the years. The pace of change is accelerating fast however, posing challenges to both on an unprecedented scale.