Virtual Reality headsets for testing and research

This blog post outlines what headsets you can use for our next event.

There are currently 3 types of hardware to access visually and audio-immersive experiences: headsets that connect to your PC, headgear that works with your mobile phone, and standalone devices. Besides varying in price, they also differ in their capabilities and hence are intended for different use cases.

Final Results in NYU’s Rich Context Competition to be Webcast Feb 15

We are excited to announce that the finalists for the NYU Coleridge Initiative’s Rich Context Competition have been selected. The competition challenged computer scientists to find ways of automating the discovery of research datasets, fields and methods behind social science research publications.  20 teams from 8 countries submitted letters of intent and four finalists have been chosen. We will be live webcasting the finalists’ presentations as well as the announcement of the winner on February 15.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Experimental Social Research?

Virtual Reality technology is opening previously locked doors to researchers in the social sciences. But how viable is it really as a research tool? We take a look back over the history of experimental research in human perception and response to consider the future of VR in experimental design.

SAGE Ocean Speaker Series #2 - Violence, VR & Video Data - Experimental Research into Violent Events

Violence, VR and Video Data.png

We’re pleased to announce the next event in the SAGE Ocean Speaker Series. Session 2 will see Mark Levine discussing his recent work which includes the use of virtual reality to study the behaviour of bystanders in violent emergencies. 

This is a unique opportunity to hear Mark talk about his experimental research first-hand and to ask him any questions you may have. 

Mark is a Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Exeter and his work explores the role of social identity in pro-social and anti-social behaviour. Want to know more? Follow Mark on Twitter

Call for Speakers!

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