Investigative Research


Investigative Research


Theory and Practice

Derek Layder - University of Leicester, UK

February 2018 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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With its unique modelling and mapping of social processes, Investigative Research offers an alternative approach to social research. This book guides you through the theoretical grounding and rules you need to effectively combine the evidence-based explanations of social behaviour and distinctive strategies of data collection associated with investigative research.

It helps you answer key investigative questions like:

  • How are models and maps of social reality crucial to the formulation of research problems and questions?
  • What are the main phases, challenges, and theories of investigative research?
  • How does investigative research compare with other research approaches, like surveys, case studies, grounded theory, and mixed methods?
  • How can you control the quality and validity of your investigative research?

With its clear focus on investigative research exploration, description, and explanation, this book gives you the solid building blocks needed to manage and integrate the theoretical and practical issues in your work.