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Our mission is to provide social scientists with the skills, tools and resources to work with big data and new technologies. We are open to offering investment and business support for commercial start-ups and later-stage companies that are focused on improving computational social research.

We access opportunities for investment in:

  • Digital technologies supporting research methods in social sciences and digital humanities including:

    • Data and text analytics and mining

    • Applied AI/ML

    • New technology platforms (e.g. AR/VR)

    • Tools freeing researchers from code

  • Early stage startups worldwide

  • Ambitious teams driven by fast execution

  • Sole and joint investments

Our mission

  • Strategic partner in the higher education sector, a leading publisher for research methods, offering insights and access to our networks

  • Equity investments for valuations up to $10M

  • Optional support with guidance and advice to drive to scale in the academic market

Our process:

  • Opportunities evaluated in ~3 months

  • Valuations up to $10M considered

  • Board position attractive

Our investments:

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Tagworks is a web-based content analysis tool that enables social scientists to analyze large sets of documents using complex conceptual schemas. By enlisting the help of crowd workers to extract information, TagWorks provides a solution for researchers working on big data projects that is up to ten times faster than traditional methods.

SAGE invested in Thusly Inc., the company behind TagWorks, in 2018 to support its launch into the academic research market.

Read more about the investment here.

If you're interested in talking to us about investment, please get in touch.