Speaking Sociologically with Big Data: Symphonic Social Science and the Future for Big Data Research
Susan Halford, Mike Savage
Volume 51 Issue 6, 2017

Empathy Rituals: Small Conversations about Emotional Distress on Twitter
Julie Brownlie, Frances Shaw
OnlineFirst, May 22, 2018

New Media & Society

Prediction, pre-emption and limits to dissent: Social media and big data uses for policing protests in the United Kingdom
Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz, Zoe Carey
Vol 20, Issue 4, 2018

Big Data & Society

The locus of legitimate interpretation in Big Data sciences: Lessons for computational social science from -omic biology and high-energy physics
Andrew Bartlett, Jamie Lewis, Luis Reyes-Galindo, Neil Stephens
May 8, 2018

Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

Evaluating the services and facilities of European cities using crowdsourced place data
Spyridon Spyratos, Demetris Stathakis
Vol 45, Issue 4, 2018

Special Issues

Collated special issues surrounding big data research.

Organizational Research Methods

Special Issue: “Ad Hoc” Feature Topic on Big Data and Modern Data Analytics
Volume 21 Issue 3, July 2018. Guest Editors : James M. LeBreton and Adam W. Meade
"Overall, we hope that this collection of papers provides organizational researchers with a useful starting point for learning more about Big Data and Modern Data Analytics"

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Special Issue: Information Access and Control in an Age of Big Data
Volume 93 Issue 2, June 2016
"As new approaches for information access and control are developed, transparency and participation will be critical in light of the fact that governments, corporations, and individuals all seek the knowledge hidden somewhere in the
Big Data Library"