Chorus is a software development project that aims to facilitate social media research for social science by bringing together the existing algorithms and metrics from the computer sciences with the requirements and methodologies of the social sciences.

The team is an interdisciplinary collaboration of programmers, web developers, and social scientists in the role of requirements engineers. Hence, the Chorus project is an attempt to utilise a broad array of expertises to furnish social science with a bespoke social media data capture and analysis tool, for both quantitative and qualitative research, and to find a way of making the technical world of algorithms more user-friendly for an audience unused to dealing with them.

The Chorus package currently comprises of two distinct programs:

  • Tweetcatcher which allows users to sift Twitter for relevant data in two distinct ways: either by topical keywords appearing in Twitter conversation widely (i.e. semantically-driven data) or by identifying a network of Twitter users and following their daily ‘Twitter lives’ (i.e. user-driven data).
  • Tweetvis which is a visual analytic suite for facilitating both quantitative and qualitative approaches to social media data in social science enabling exploratory analysis in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion