The DataTank is an open source tool that publishes data, stored in text-based files (e.g., CSV, XML, JSON) or in binary structures (e.g., SHP files, relational databases). The DataTank reads data from these structures and publishes them to the web using a URI as an identifier, providing these data in any format a user wants regardless of the original data structure. The DataTank requires a server with Apache2 or Nginx, mod rewrite enabled, PHP 5.4 or higher, Git, any database supported by Laravel 4.


  • Turn any dataset into a RESTful HTTP API
  • Allows published data to be requested in any web-readable format or visualization
  • Improves the ease, openness, and transparency of data consumption
  • Enables data consumers to immediately begin working, without needing to download raw data files
  • Provides visualizations for immediate data interpretation and information gathering by civilians Resources The DataTank demo Documentation GitHub

This description has been contributed by 'Quinn Dombrowski' and appeared first on the Dirt directory. It has been re-used under CC BY 4.0 license.