DiscoverText is a “Swiss Army knife” for text. With one platform, DiscoverText, users can capture, filter, de-duplicate, cluster, search, human code, and machine-classify large numbers of small, unstructured units of text. Our approach mixes human and computer training in an elegant and powerful loop. We provide a framework for users who build their own specialized text analytic approach.

Backed by more than ten years of NSF-funded basic research, DiscoverText shortens the time it takes to create adaptive, custom machine-classifiers. Central to our vision is a firm belief in the power of systematic adjudication (or validation) of both humans and machines. DiscoverText is rooted in the emerging science of human annotation. The platform depends on accurate and reliable human input. Measurement metrics underpin our text classification success. DiscoverText is an advanced, multi-facted power tool for text.