The Digital Methods Initiative Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset (DMI-TCAT) is a set of tools to retrieve and collect tweets from Twitter and to analyze them in various ways. It is written mostly in PHP and runs in a webserver (LAMP) environment. On a Ubuntu or Debian machine, installation can be done with one command. DMI-TCAT provides robust and reproducible data capture and analysis, and interlinks with existing analytical software.

Analytical features are based on two main ideas:

  • captured datasets can be refined in different ways (search queries, exclusions, date range, etc.) and

  • the resulting selections of tweets can be analyzed in various ways, mainly by outputting files in standard formats (CSV for tabular files and GEXF for network files)

You can find an installation guide here.

When using DMI-TCAT for academic publications, reference it as following:

Erik Borra, Bernhard Rieder, (2014) "Programmed method: developing a toolset for capturing and analyzing tweets", Aslib Journal of Information Management, Vol. 66 Iss: 3, pp.262 - 278.