A free Windows program for keyword, issue, time series, sentiment, gender and content analyses of (mainly) social media texts.

Mozdeh can:

  • Gather tweets with keyword searches. The tweets will be a maximum of 2 weeks old but you can also keep Mozdeh monitoring Twitter indefinitely to gather a large collection of tweets from a longer period of time. To retrieve older tweets with keyword searches, you have to pay Twitter.
  • Gather tweets from one or more users, up to a maximum of the most recent 3,200 tweets per user.
  • Gather comments on YouTube videos - about a million per day.
  • Gather comments from subreddits on Reddit
  • Import other datasets: Facebook pages or groups, academic citations, TripAdvisor reviews, Reddit comments or other texts.

You can read an in-depth analysis of how Mozdeh can be used for research here.