Onodo is a user friendly tool for doing basic visualisation and analysis within a browser making it cross-platform right out of the box. Data can be entered via their intuitive, in-browser node and edge creation tables or imported from a file. As data is added it is instantly previewed and displayed. The visual appearance can be tweaked on the fly and customised in a variety of ways (including applying a unique image or URL to each node). Once created, visualisations can be embedded and shared outside of the Onodo browser environment. Moreover, with a click of a button, Onodo calculates standard network parameters such as betweenness, closeness and displays these values within the table. It calculates and demonstrates basic network parameters and measures quickly and allows for the creation of chapters that cement using the visualisation as a data-driven narrative device.

This description has been contributed by 'Shawn Day' and appeared first on the Dirt directory. It has been re-used under CC BY 4.0 license.