Whether you’re looking at your own tweets, those of another user or searching a hashtag like #eval for analysis purposes, Twitonomy Premium allows you to download this data right to your desktop. You can export these Tweets to an excel file, for some data crunching of your own, or onto a PDF for easy printing. This also works for lists of Twitter users – you can export all of your followers Twitter handles to a spreadsheet, or any lists of users that you’ve set up.

The application is now available for iPhone on the apple store.


With Twitonomy you can: 

  • Get detailed and visual analytics on anyone's tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags...

  • Browse, search, filter and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you

  • Backup/export tweets, retweets, mentions and reports to Excel & PDF in just one click

  • Monitor your interactions with other Twitter users: mentions, retweets, favorites...

  • Get and export Search Analytics on any keywords, #hashtags, URL or @users

  • Get insights on and download any user's retweeted & favorited tweets

  • Browse, search, filter, sort and batch add/remove people to your lists

  • Monitor tweets from your favorite users, lists and keyword searches

  • Get actionable insights on your followers with Followers Report

  • Find out easily those you follow but don't follow you back

  • Download your followers and following lists to Excel

  • Get the list of the followers you don't follow back

  • Track clicks on the links in your tweets

  • Track your follower growth over time


Part of this description has been contributed by 'Dan McDonnell' and appeared first on American Evaluation Association here.