SAGE Ocean Blog style guide  


We try not to use citations or footnotes. In those instances, please hyperlink to the appropriate source. If a citation must be used, please give the authors full name(s) and the name of the source, and not just their names and publication date (e.g. NOT ‘ Smith and Jones, 2016’).


If you can supply images, whether author headshots, graphs, logos, or pictures from the field, please do so. Files should be at least 72dpi. We also welcome other multimedia such as videos and podcasts.


We’re looking for pieces between 500 and 1,200 words long. If the piece is dramatically longer than 1,200 words, and cannot or should not be cut, consider breaking into two or more posts


In keeping with our conversational tone, we use AP Style. This means, among other things, we spell out numbers nine and below, do not capitalize professor in front of a name, do not capitalize disciplines, and try to avoid acronyms whenever possible.


Please hyperlink in the post. Do not include the hyperlink parenthetically unless you have problems hyperlinking in text. Consider hyperlinking to subjects that would otherwise require an extended excursion away from the main thrust of the post.

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