SAGE Research Methods Video: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods

See a short sampling from the newest video collection on SAGE Research Methods: Data Science, Big Data Analytics, and Digital Methods.

This unique collection of videos covers a range of innovative and cutting edge techniques and projects across data science methods, issues and challenges surrounding big data research, and applications of computational social science research. With a focus on what new methods and data sources can tell us about human behavior, the collection contains interviews with leading academics at the forefront of developing these methods, and short documentaries exploring industry applications of data science. From basic programming techniques for those starting out, through to advanced techniques in deep learning, you will find helpful tutorials, tailored to those with different disciplinary backgrounds and experience.

You can access exclusive clips from the collection below.

Rob McInerney, co-founder and CEO of IntelligentX Brewing Company, discusses how AI is being used to brew collaborative beer: algorithms that collect personal data are trained by master brewers, who in turn are guided by the algorithms.

Luke Sloan, PhD, Deputy Director of the Social Data Science Lab at Cardiff University, discusses challenges using Twitter data in social science research, specifically identification of the demographic reached, informed consent and data security, collaboration between researchers, demographic biases, and the challenges and opportunities for social scientists using big data.

Chris Wiggins, PhD, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Columbia University, discusses the rationale for considering data science an interdisciplinary field with relevance to everyone. Outlined are two university courses based on this approach, and which focus on understanding, analysis, ethical considerations, and making sense of big data for those from a non-coding background.

Christopher Hench, PhD, postdoctoral scholar at University of California Berkeley and data science fellow at Berkeley Institute for Data Science, discusses his computational linguistic research on scanning and predicting poetic meter using computational models.

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