First Concept Grant Winners Announced

 Concept Grant Lightbulb

The winners of our first three Concept Grants have been announced:

  • Quanteda Studio, LSE, UK

A powerful, flexible, and user-friendly text analytic software tool that will require no programming experience to use and will run as a web application.

  • MiniVAN, Public Data Lab, FR/UK

An easy-to-use tool that will support non-specialist social scientists in the visual analysis and in the online publication of networks. 

  • Digital DNA Toolbox (DDNA), IIT-CNR, IT

A toolbox that will use bioinformatics techniques to provide researchers with a set of cutting-edge tools that can be used for many things, including assessing the veracity, trustworthiness, and reliability of content (and content producers) in online social networks and beyond.

Each of the winners has been awarded $35k to develop their ideas. 

Find out more about each of the winning projects on our blog.

Make your idea a reality with A Concept Grant of up to $35k

Each Concept Grant provides up to $35,000 of seed funding for early stage software ideas that support social researchers to work with big data and new technologies.

Watch this space for the call for applications for 2019.